About Gallia County

We’re here to inform, empower, and unite the people in our community who struggle with substance abuse and mental health problems or want to know more about substance use freedom to promote prevention, educate, and establish connections by providing resources and opportunities.


Gallia County Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Education (HOPE) is a group of volunteers as well as community partners comprised of health-care providers, counseling services, drug counseling agencies, law enforcement, the court systems, local businesses, youth groups, and faith-based groups and churches, who are working together to promote healthy and wholesome paths of thinking and living life as well as restoration and healing for those who have been wounded by negative and destructive messages, attitudes and choices.

There is a growing movement across the country in which communities are both recognizing the need to aggressively combat drug-abuse and addiction and mobilizing themselves in coordinated efforts to take their communities back from addiction’s grip.


Research shows us that communities that challenge and facilitate their members, empowering them with training, success models and opportunities, have a decidedly lower level of addiction and drug abuse problems than do communities that do not.

Our Mission

The mission of Gallia County Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Education (HOPE) is to be Gallia County’s first response to substance abuse, treatment, and recovery.

Our Vision

The vision of Gallia County Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Education (HOPE) is that we have a community free from the threat of drug abuse and addiction.

Create Awareness. Provide Support.

One of the most effective ways to approach a problem is to talk about it. Our goal is to provide an area for you to do so. Join us for our monthly meetings that are held on the second Monday of each month at Holzer French 500 Room at 12 p.m. noon. Lunch is provided.

We also participate in multiple events throughout the community to promote healthy discussion of substance abuse, use, and addiction in Gallia County.

Communities that flourish recognize the need to aggressively combat attitudes, activities and policies that allow for the victimization of people and mobilize community members in coordinated efforts to protect and to take their communities back from the grip of these paths of despair.


Drug abuse and addiction, suicide, violence and human trafficking are fueled by the exploitation of people and are perpetuated by despair. Instead of enabling people to find and access healthy ways to grow, cope, function, and survive, these “paths of despair” trap people in cycles of harmful patterns of dealing with pain, loss, grief, and trauma with short-term “solutions” that, in the end, exacerbate the problems they promised to solve.

Working Together. Bringing Healing, Bringing Hope

We believe that by working together, we can support the people of Gallia County to become more aware of the devastation that a “path of despair” can bring to families, communities, and homes. Our goal is to support and teach the tools needed to turn away from a destructive lifestyle and develop positive habits and behaviors to move forward.